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The Second meet-up of Minsk Silverlight/Windows Phone User Group

On Saturday, July 2nd, we had the second meet-up of Minsk’s Silverlight / Windows Phone user group. That time about 55 IT specialists registered on the event. The number of participants increased for two times against the first meet-up

That time we had planned three sessions and understood that it was the optimal number of activities.

The first session was dedicated for XNA. Ivan Suhinin presented ‘XNA and physical engines’ where he showed demo XNA application, described workflow and specifics of working with physical engines. Demo application can be downloaded here.

Ivan Suhinin presents the XNA and physical engines session

The second session was extremely excited because Vladimir Veevnik demonstrated Kinect™ and its features. He described hardware and software parts of Kinect, showed some source code etc. Also, he presented a real time demo where USB-rabbit was repeating the same motion, as Vladimir did. All Vladimir’s motions were controlled by Kinect and  then a special application sent commands to USB-rabbit. Source code of demo application can be downloaded here.

Vladimir Veevnik

For the desert I, Ivan Suhinin and all attendees discussed the future of Windows 8 and it’s impact on  development. We discussed what Jupiter, DirectUI are etc

 Max Paulousky and Ivan Suhinin

Max Paulousky and Ivan Suhinin

The video of the event is below. The first session starts at 05:00, the second starts at 53:03, Kinect Demo starts at 120:05 and the last session starts at 142:10. Also, I will provide more photos later.

The event was really great! We had chance to talk to each other, discuss actual question and meet new friends and followers.

Also, I would like to say thank you to all presenters for their hard work and spent time.

If you have any questions – let me know!

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