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The First Public Meet-up Of Minsk Silverlight/Windows Phone Group Has Happened!

I am proud to inform my readers that the first public meet-up of Minsk Silverlight/Windows Phone group has happened. I and my friends made great efforts to prepare that meet-up, prepare sessions, answered big number of questions.

We planed five sessions but were able to perform just four. One session (3D in Silverlight5) was postponed till the next meet-up because of problems with beta version of Silverlight 5 runtime. To be honest, we were lucky that that session was canceled. Five sessions would take a lot of time and attendees would be exhausted. All other sessions were hosted on time and were really great!

Ivan Suhinin, presented XNA Content Pipeline session:

Ivan Suhinin, presented XNA Content Pipeline session


Ivan Kirkorau presented his Testing for Windows phone Marketplace session.

IMG_1715! IMG_1716!

For dessert Alex Sorokoletov presented his session MIX 11 - an eyewitness account.

IMG_1717! IMG_1721! IMG_1719!

Also, we had a lot of behind-the-scenes talks with some tea, coffee, cookies and fun.

IMG_1710! IMG_1711!

Hope, soon I will be able to publish photos of my session.

I would like to say thanks to Ciklum Minsk for a hall and catering, to as a video partner and as an information partner.

I got some feedback on twitter about the event and it was positive – people like it. That means, we will have more meet-ups and will present more sessions about Silverlight, Windows Phone and XNA

Thank you everyone and see you next time!

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