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Getting ready for Exam 70-599: Designing and Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications. Helpful Links and Resources


About a month ago, Microsoft announced that they published beta exam 71-599 for Windows Phone developers. Anyone, who registered for that exam would be able to pass it for free. But anyway, everyone should be ready for that exam, should read some training materials etc. I have prepared links to useful MSDN (in most cases) resources that should help you prepare to that exam. If you have any comments, let me know

Designing Data Access Strategies

Send and receive data.

Design a data storage strategy

Bandwidth limitations and network connectivity detection

Designing and Implementing Notification Strategies

Push notifications in the application

Plan for and implement push notifications on the server

Create and update live tiles

Working with Platform APIs, Tasks, and Choosers

Design and implement sensor interaction

Plan for and implement the use of Tasks and Choosers

Plan for and implement multitouch and gestures

Design and implement application navigation

Designing the Application Architecture

Design for threading

Monitor and tune performance

Manage the application life cycle

Prepare the application to meet Windows Phone 7 marketplace requirements

Designing the User Interface and User Experience

Design for separation of concerns

Design Windows Phone 7 control usage

Recommend keyboard layout for a given situation

Design for system themes, accent color, and screen orientation

Hope, It helps!

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