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The Prism Team Needs Your Help

Some time ago I mentioned in a tweet that the work on the Prism library was stopped right after publishing Prism 4. Right after that I received a tweet from Ade Miller (former dev lead at patterns & practices) and from Bob Brumfield (work at patterns & practices on Prism, Enterprise Library and Windows Phone 7 guidance).

The sense of their tweets is Prism is alive, there are no commits in repository because the Prism team can’t work the whole year on the project and at the moment they plan their activities for the financial year 2012. Also, Bob mentioned that it would be great if I shared my ideas how they could improve and extend Prism

I can mention here following things for WP7 part of Prism:

  • There is no out-of-the-box IoC (light Unity?);
  • I prefer writing modular apps and wait for built-in Modules support;
  • Bootstrapper is required (to minimize App.xaml.cs);
  • There are no Prism-based WP7 samples;
  • I like EventToCommand extension from MVVMLight. It would be nice to have a similar feature in Prism;
  • It would be great to have several snippets;
  • There is no binding implementation for ApplicationBarMenuItem (but there is one for ApplicationBarIconButton);
  • Tombstoning support. I don’t think that the implementation should be included in the framework but there should be a sample with a beautiful implementation on a base level;
  • There should be an implementation of NavigationService in ViewModel. EventAggregator is not suitable for navigation because it works pretty slow on WP7;
  • Something else I have clean forgotten;

I propose some ideas but I sure our community can propose much more useful ideas for implementation in Prism for WPF, Silverlight and WP7.

So, if you have any ideas please leave them in comments. Please, be as specific as you can to avoid additional questions. I will send a link to this blog post to the Prism team and they will have a list of our proposals.

Thank you in advance!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

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