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Future of Myself and My Blog

Everything changes and nothing remains still. (Heraclitus, c. 535–c. 475 BCE)

Now I work at a mobile department of one of the biggest media corporation. And I hope, my future will be tied with mobile technologies. Right now I am working on a mobile application for a Blackberry device but I am absolutely sure that my main projects will be based on the WindowsPhone7 platform. It does not matter whether I will work as a developer/architect or as a project manager (the last one is highly probable).

In several days I am going to start my first pilot Windows Phone 7 project and I will do my best to make it absolutely perfect.

As a result, I want to concentrate on mobile development and my blog will reflect it. For the next several weeks I am going to publish a few articles about Silverlight, Prism 4 and MEF that were the subject of my research and that I presented on the conference.

So, topics of my next articles will be devoted to Silverlight for the WP7 platform.

See you on the blog!

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