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Last Week Silverlight-Related Releases

Several Silverlight-related releases were being published during the last week.

Expression Launch

The last released product in line of 2010 releases is the Expression set. Microsoft is going to announce it on June, 7th at Information Week in New York. The product will contain updated version of Express Blend and Sketchflow. The trial version can be downloaded from the official web site.

This release does not include any update for Windows Phone 7 add-in and is not suitable for Windows Phone 7 development. Continue using Expression Blend 4 and WP7 Developer Tools. See details here.

Silverlight 4 Service update

On June 3rd, Microsoft released the Silverlight update. This release fixes bunch of issues like Digital Rights Management playing on Mac and Windows, memory leaks, full screen mode on multi-monitor system etc.

It seems, since that release Microsoft started providing new versions of Silverlight using MS Windows Update mechanism. According to that change, huge number of computer with Silverlight 3 have been updated with Silverlight 4 release.

Developers should update their Silverlight developer runtime. The direct link to Windows version is here and for Mac is here.

New Silverlight theme pack preview

The Silverlight team has provided preview of a new Silverlight theme. This theme has dark tint and does not have official name. You can view a screenshot of the theme here. This theme is not available yet but you can download a set of previous themes here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

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  • re: Last Week Silverlight-Related Releases

    Requesting Gravatar... eugene says:

    I've installed and ran your add-on. But my solution includes not only silverlight assemblies and your add-on fires exception about this moment

  • add-on's exception

    ok, eugene. I suppose, you mean my Xaps Minifier add-on. If so, could you please send me following information:
    1. What version of add-on do you use ? (go to VS extension manager and it will display list of installed add-ons, select XAPS minifier and it will display version)
    2. Run the add-on again, it will raise an error. Go to output window and copy logging information into clip board. Send it to me
    3. Could you please send me your solution? You can delete all sources but leave sln, csproj/vbproj, cache and other auxilary files. Also, leave the structure of the application as is. You should be able to open that solution in VS

    You can use my email max (dot) pau (at) gmail (dot) com . Feel free to contact me directly :)

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