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Published Silverlight SEO Sample Application for the Remix.Ru Conference

I have published an demo application that covers implementing SEO rules in the Silverlight MVVM application. The application is a job board that contains two pages – List of vacancies and Vacancy details. An User can navigate between them and filter list of vacancies by Region. The

The application implements the most important SEO rules - deep linking, Site map for the deep links and readable site content for non-Silverlight clients (Search engines, Browsers without Silverlight plug-in etc.).

You can find and test the application here. Just click the mentioned link, if you want to open silverlight version of the application. If you want to play with version for non-Silverlight clients, open the sitemap for the list of deep links.

Disabling Silverlight plugin in Internet Explorer 8 Add-on Manager

Next thing is disabling Silverlight plug-in. You have to go to the IE Add-in Manager (Menu File-Tools-Manage Add-ons), select Silverlight add-on and turn it off by clicking the Disable button (see fig. above).

After silverlight disabled, you can copy an Url from the Site map and open it in the browser – the Html version of the site will be displayed

The sources and detailed description of the project will be published here soon. I am going to notify my followers as soon as they will be published.

Hope, this helps!

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.

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