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Performance of Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

The performance of my instance of VS2010 beta 2 was not well. Especially, start of debugging process for silverlight applications was not fast enough. Loading of symbols files (to enable debugging) was taking about two-three minutes. BTW, there are a lot of complains on performance in beta 2. The situation was the same for silverlight 3 and 4 applications. The performance issue has been solved after installing MS Expression Blend Preview for .Net 4. The symbols loading time is almost the same as  for VS2008. I am absolutely sure, Microsoft will improve performance in the release. ...

How to get Xml InnerText in a Silverlight application

The Silverlight framework is restricted in comparison with .Net framework. It does not provide the XmlDocument class, that has the InnerText property. Silverlight applications should use XDocument instead of XmlDocument. Following code is an extension method for the XNode class that implements InnerText functionality. public static string InnerText(this XNode xNode) { bool isContainer = xNode is XContainer; if (!isContainer) { switch (xNode.NodeType) ...

Kia ora, World!

is a Maori (New Zealand) greeting. I’m starting a blog about the latest Microsoft development technologies. Let’s see how helpful it will be for other developers.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By license.